New Struggles || Cockles
  • Misha: He really hadn't been having a great few weeks... And Jensen being away really only added to it. But he understood... If he could take care of his own children for any length of time, he'd be on the next plane out. Not that that was going to happen any time soon. Vicki had found out about his engagement to Jensen before he had figured out a way to tell her. And now she was threatening to keep his kids away from him for good. He hadn't mentioned anything to Jensen yet. He just didn't want to worry about it too much yet... Nothing was official. Maybe once she had cooled off, she'd change her mind. He was just laying on the bed, playing around on his laptop when he heard Jensen's voice. He was up and half way down the stairs before he knew it. "Baby? Did I know you were coming home?" he asked, smiling as his fiance came into sight. Walking over, he wrapped his arms tight around Jensen. "I've missed you."
  • J: The sight of Misha walking toward him put a smile on Jensen's face yet again. Every time he looked at his fiance he couldn't figure out how he let so much time pass without realizing what he felt. Wrapping his arms around Misha he shook his head, "No you did not. I thought I'd surprise you so...surprise." he half chuckled and kissed Misha's lips softly. "I missed you too babe." Jensen held onto the other man for another moment before pulling away. "I'm fucking starving." he started making his way toward the kitchen.
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    New Struggles || Cockles
  • J: For a few weeks now Jensen had been in LA taking care of his daughter while his ex wife was busy working on something. Jensen hated being away from Misha but loved all the alone time he had with Justice. Being in Vancouver most of the time and then traveling around the world for conventions left little bonding time so Jensen jumped at this opportunity. Now he was pulling into the driveway of the house he shared with Misha and he smiled to himself. He hadn't told Misha he was coming home and he couldn't wait to see the look on his fiance's face. Once he grabbed his bags from the trunk of the car he walked into the house and set them down on the floor. "Mish?" Jensen called into the house. "I'm home."

  • I am finally out from the rock I’ve been living under.

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    My parents just asked me if marrying Misha is a publicity stunt.


    Nah. I’m just marrying you for your money.

    Damn, and here I thought I found a good one.

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    My parents just asked me if marrying Misha is a publicity stunt.

    Well, how the fuck is everyone tonight?



    Have I met you? Pretty sure we’ve slept together.image

    It was sarcasm! For Christ sake, man. Just broadcast that shit all over the place, why don’t you?


    I’m slightly offended. When are you going to sleep with me? 

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    Birthday Boy || Cockles [03/01]
  • Misha: He had planned to wish Jensen a happy birthday the minute it had turned midnight, but he had been at work late and well, Misha fell asleep. Waking up in the morning, he rolled over and smiled as he saw Jensen sleeping next to him. Scooting closer to him, he wrapped an arm around his waist and kissed the back of his neck. "G'morning, birthday boy..."
  • Jensen: This was his first birthday that he was spending as a non married guy. He had Misha however and that made things better. The divorce was a huge adjustment still but knowing that sometime soon he'd be married again made him relax a little. He knew Misha was the one for him; as strange as it still was to wrap his mind around that. "Morning, Lover." he said in a sleepy voice.
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Happy birthday to my sexy, sexy fiancé

Thanks lover


    Happy birthday to my sexy, sexy fiancé

    Thanks lover

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